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Whether you are a blue-collar worker making middle-class wages or a multi-millionaire, you need a comprehensive estate plan. Your comprehensive estate plan ensures that you will be able to provide for yourself during your lifetime, and distribute your assets to your loved ones in the manner you choose when you are gone. Your decision to plan the distribution of your estate while you are alive and well will save your loved ones stress, financial turmoil, and family infighting after you pass away.

At Tayeh Law Offices, LLC, we understand that it may be uncomfortable to discuss death, and what will happen after you pass away, however, you will feel at peace knowing that you will save your family and loved ones a great deal of stress when that time comes.

Tayeh Law Offices provides the following estate planning services:

What Our Clients Say

  • I chose to have Ziad represent me in a contractual dispute because I believe he’s one of those very rare lawyers who truly cares and believes in standing for justice. I’ve had terrible experiences with other lawyers but when I met Ziad I knew he would protect me in every way, and he did.

    - Nida Kazi

  • Great law firm they definitely get the job done.

    -Xavier Franklin

  • Ziad is one of the absolute best. Exceptional attention to detail, service next to none. I recommend this lawyer.


  • He didn’t make us feel like we were just another client. He is truly compassionate, honest, devoted, an awesome negotiator, and is a bulldog in court who knows what he is doing and clearly has everybody’s respect!


  • After months of anxiety and endless worries, Ziad and I, literally walked in in the court room presented our case and walked out with a big Win! So thankful I chose to go with Ziad Tayeh.


  • Mr Tayeh is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney who is available to discuss concerns and is very responsive. He helped us with matters that we were unable to complete on our own after we tried and kept us from going to court as we had hoped.


  • Mr. Ziad Tayeh is a very professional and confident lawyer. I highly recommend him and his team for all those who seek a talented lawyer and peace of mind.


  • Ziad is very knowledgeable. He explained everything about my case to me in detail and answered all my questions. He was able to resolve my case in a reasonable amount of time with a favorable outcome because of his excellent negotiation skills. Overall he is a very nice, friendly, and professional guy. I would definitely go to him again if the need ever arises and would recommend him to anyone in need to legal services.


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