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Business Law

All businesses face legal issues from time to time. All too often, legal issues force business owners to take precious time away from their businesses, which results in a decrease in the quality of the goods or services they provide to their customers.

Worse, the mishandling of a legal matter could have severe consequences on a business. A badly worded contract or the mismanagement of a business dispute could result in a business suffering great financial loss or even being shut down. At Tayeh Law Offices, LLC, our top priority is ensuring that your business continues to thrive when legal issues arise.

Entrepreneurs dedicate their entire lives to building and developing their businesses. Make sure that you protect your business by having a competent, professional, and trustworthy attorney in your corner.

Tayeh Law Offices, LLC offers a wide array of business services, including:

  • Business Entity Formation
  • Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation
  • Business Litigation

Business Entity Formation

Selecting the right business entity for your venture may be the single most important business decision you make. Choosing the wrong entity could result in the payment of thousands of dollars of avoidable taxes or personal liability being assessed to owners for actions performed in the course and scope of their businesses. Also, certain business entities are required to comply with corporate formalities to ensure that their owners have maximum protection from personal liability. At Tayeh Law Offices, we will help you decide what business entity best suits your needs and draft all documents necessary to maintain legal compliance.

Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

Business contracts are often written in “legalese” that is difficult to decipher. Complicated and difficult-to-understand contract terms could have serious consequences. Many times, written contracts contain terms that are different than what the parties agreed to before signing. Unfortunately, once a contract is signed, the written contract controls the transaction, regardless what the parties may have agreed to before execution. Whether you are responsible for drafting a contract, or are asked to sign a contract, you should have a reliable attorney ensure that the contract properly captures the agreement as you understand it. If you don’t, you could find yourself obligated to terms to which you never intended to be bound. At Tayeh Law Offices, LLC, we will draft, review, and negotiate contracts in a manner that will best accomplish your objectives, safeguard you against unfavorable terms, and prevent potential litigation in the future.

Business Litigation

If you own a business, you will likely face business disputes from time to time. Such disputes occur between business partners, competitors, employers and employees, and business owners and suppliers of goods and services. Most people prefer not to go to court to resolve these disputes if it can be avoided. Litigation can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable. Our main priority is achieving the best results for our clients. Sometimes that is accomplished by attempting to resolve disputes before filing a legal action in court. Sometimes, taking a strong stance and taking the matter to court immediately is the best way to ensure the client’s interests are protected. At Tayeh Law Offices, LLC, we always take a comprehensive approach and consider all circumstances in determining how to best achieve our clients’ goals.

Tayeh Law Offices, LLC offers the following real estate services:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial and residential purchase agreements.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial and residential lease agreements.
  • Defending homeowners against banks in foreclosure cases.
    Real estate disputes

Real Estate

People often spend a lifetime of savings in real estate investments. Business owners place the fate of their businesses in the hands of their commercial landlords. Some people fall on hard times, and find their homes in foreclosure before they know it. The minimal investment of retaining an attorney to represent you in these matters can save you from losing a lifetime of savings.

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